Love Our Neighborhoods

Love Our Neighborhoods is about inspiring and encouraging people to intentionally develop relationships with their immediate neighbors. Our hope is that the people become a part of this campaign will move from strangers to acquaintances, and from acquaintances to relationships with the people who live near them.

Imagine a city where caring for your neighbor and your neighborhood creates a dynamic that ultimately changes your city, neighborhood by neighborhood.

It’s not complicated. Just start by engaging in conversation, hosting neighborhood events and activities, and cultivating relationships by genuinely engaging with all those who live near you.

Want to know more about connecting with your neighbors?

Here are a few Ideas


50 Ways to be Involved in Your Neighborhood

Read through “50 Way to Love Your Neighbors” PDF and start meeting and getting to know your neighbors. If you and your neighbors are interested in having a Block Party, make sure you read through the Neighborhood Block Party Kit PDF for some ideas.